Are you ready to pump up the volume in your physical being? The Badassana Series is perfect for you. The awareness of breath and body alignment gained through yoga is a great compliment to weight bearing exercises. Boost your strength and confidence in this dynamic hour long class that combines a sweaty vinyasa flow practice with intervals of isometric weight bearing exercises. Leave the session feeling pumped, energized and ready to take on life as a Spiritual Warrior with your #badass self. While open to all levels, the Badassana series is especially suited for those who already have a consistent yoga practice and are looking to amp things up a notch. Visit here for preview: and to join these classes on line at Use discount code: universalempress to receive special offers.


Scripting Your Joy is an integrated yoga and writing, experiential workshop where, by engaging in active dialogue and conscious listening, we bring awareness to how we communicate. This process involves journaling, short writing exercises, shared listening, breathwork and meditation. Benefits include deeper and more effective levels of communication in all interactions, and reconnection with your voice through grace, truth and power.



This dynamic one-day workshop uses breathwork and body movement to explore dharma, or life’s purpose, uncovering the limitless possibilities for our lives and the unique reason we are here. The authentic art process is used to showcase the artist and author that resides in each one of us through the stories we have created, that both serve and block our growth. This workshop will increase clarity and direction around one’s life purpose, provide practical tips to keep committed to our path and highlight methods of integrating the principles of yoga into all areas of our lives.


Groundation, describes a potent Jamaican way of life – being balanced, grounded and centered within one’s purpose. The journey through this groundation workshop begins slowly with a supportive and grounding practice. Next, we rise into writing, breath, joy and release. Then we soften into sharing, cultivating courage and setting intention. Drums, movement and writing are integrated throughout the experience. This workshop is led in collaboration with Prana Flow certified yoga instructor, Sienna Creasy, and is most effective in a retreat setting for a duration of 3-5 days.



View a preview of this year’s upcoming Groundation Celebration at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
 July 2 – 7 2017
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Register for this year’s upcoming Groundation Celebration at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, 2 to 7 July 2017.


Join me for this week-long immersion that combines yoga with deep inquiry through writing, discussion and reflections, re-connecting you to your life purpose.


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Visualization & Intention Setting Workshop
Self Love is a Practice Workshop

“I long ago realized that writing anything, even a simple one line quote, becomes an anything comparable to a work of art. It could be a great work of art or a not so great work of art – that will be for the reader to decide. Whatever the decision though, it is true that the work of art will be interpreted subjectively by each and every reader. It was perhaps this single fact that had always intimidated me about writing and for years and years prevented me from sharing my writing with the world.

However, if you are born to write and share what you write with the world then that is what you were born to do and sooner or later, whatever it is that holds you back will be released.

I found my great release when I met Nadine McNeil and took her workshop, ‘Scripting Your Joy.’ Through her guidance and instruction, something, some fearful little nitty gritty thing inside me vanished and since then, I have written well over 170 articles, published 2 E-books and shared it all with the world!!! And who knows?! I may one day even share the first book I wrote during my 10 day silent meditation retreat. In the meantime, I continue to cultivate the habit of writing as Nadine taught me and continue to let the art take care of itself from there.”

 Shevy Cardoza
Holistic LifestyleTrainer

Tarot Reader
Life Coach