My Women’s Work: Women’s Worth

I’ve been a long time coming.  Unconsciously – for the most part – I chose a circuitous path to come back to myself.

So, what or who informs the woman I am?  Descended from slaves, this trauma still courses through my veins.  Allegedly the patriarchy emancipated me – or so I was led to believe – as I read their books, followed their rules and marched to the beat of their drums.

Bless the day I woke up.  For it is in that re-birth that I began to understand my life purpose.


Throughout my life, I have been inspired, supported and uplifted by some incredible female beings.  However it was not until I was in my mid-thirties – after a devastating break-up – that one woman who showed up in my life began to unveil to me the extent to which I had been misled into believing that I was a lesser mortal than my male counterparts.

For a while, I even resisted some of her guidance.  However she shared a mantra that has remained with me. She said, ‘I’m about a feminism that honors the women, remembers the men and protects the children.’  Here, here!

Being amongst gatherings of evolving women is something I have been a part of for over fifteen years.

As a humanitarian, yoga teacher and transformation coach, most of my client base is women.  Daily, I encounter women from all walks of life who are trying to forgive, heal, grow and [re] learn how to love themselves.


My message to them and me is:  NEVER has there been a time on this planet, Mother Earth, where by virtue of being wom[b]en, vessels of creation, has our presence been more crucial.  The fate of this planet rests in our hands, our hearts and our wombs.

The mission ahead of me is clear:  I choose to create a safe environment for women – be it through the hosting of Women’s Conversation Circles, individual mentoring sessions or unique tailor-made women’s retreats – that invite women to be undress themselves from a costume that no longer fits.

Let’s show us – and them – who we truly are – in our awakening, bold, creative, collaborating, empowered, fierce, feminine, gentle, nurturing, vulnerable, passionate, powerful, soft, strong, wise, worthy, yoni selves.

And so it is.

Maeve Nelligan