Trailing through the unknown (Poem)

“Where does it lead?”

I wonder aloud.


Does that even matter,

And why should I even care?


Curiosity is a killer—

They say,


Many a corpses’ cat

Could attest to this,


I suppose.



But satisfaction triumphed

And brought it back,



In my human mind?



Says who?

Who cares who?

Why, who, where, when and what?


Inquiry leads to further questioning.


Probing, we search to find the answers—

Why are we here?
Who are we being?


Does my life’s trajectory

Find me,


In action or inactive?

To be or not to be?


A perpetual state of

Unraveling, diving into the unknown


Perhaps we uncover

Our Divine Dharma.


Finding it

Alone is not enough.


Discovery demands that

We call It into being,


Energized by its magnetism

It leads us to the ultimate answer


Of why we’re here

And what we’re meant to be doing,


Right now!

Maeve Nelligan