Universal Empress yoga is an intuited flow, a vinyasa-based, prana-infused practice with a healthy respect for alignment, that is a dynamic integration of Nadine’s Sivananda, Kripalu and Baptiste teacher trainings. She guides students through breath and movement, bringing awareness to the overarching principle that the body and psyche will retain an experience until we give it permission to let go.



Universal Empress transformational coaching packages focus on uncovering one’s life and soul purpose.

Once clarity around this is achieved, Nadine leads her clients to confidently chart the course of their lives by breaking cycles of limiting beliefs.

Coaching packages are implemented in modules. Each module consists of four 50-minute sessions.


Nadine is a powerhouse of transformation and Truth. She entered into my life at an extremely important and divinely orchestrated time; a time when healing was necessary for any kind of growth, yet the ‘what to heal’ was still foggy. Nadine entered my sphere with fire of the best kind and was able to see the gaping wounds that I myself was still confused by. If you allow Nadine in, your life will never be the same. This woman became far more than a friend and coach; she was one of the biggest catalysts for my growth and ultimate alignment of my soul’s truest callings. She is a shapeshifter of wounds. Nadine, an almost other worldly creature, is so in tune, honest and courageous. She is the woman you want to work with if you are serious about stepping into the whole, unique and aware person you are meant to be. I would not be doing the work I am without her intuitive guidance. She effortlessly infuses her courage into yours, and helps you bring out the pieces of yourself you need to give to this world. Lioness from Jamaica, the world is a far more aligned and courageous place because you so relentlessly dedicate yourself to your path; the path of full transformation within yourself and providing space for others to do the same.

Lyndsay Lee


As a speaker, Nadine fully commands the attention of her audience through honest, soul baring dialogue that creates immediate connection. Her expertise in the realm of wellness, studies in the areas of international relations and gender, and experience working with the UN in the areas of emergency response, logistics and humanitarianism, qualify her to speak on a range of topics. Nadine infuses her speaking engagements with massive doses of wisdom around yoga, ethnicity, race, spirituality and culture.



“Nadine is a master storyteller, a master relater, and has mastery in the art of bringing people into reality – to face themselves. Pulling liberally, openly and honestly from her own life and personal experiences, Nadine encourages others to be so real (not at all fluffy) with their own life trajectory. To see where they are. And to embody where they want to be. Among other skills, Nadine possesses an acute ability to take people into self-awareness of where in the body they’re feeling the story. She holds unconditional, strong-loving and courage-giving space. She unabashedly delivers the tools and techniques to empower. With such potent credibility and power, I believe Nadine could move mountains. After hosting her as a facilitator and individual practitioner for my patients on my transformative detoxification retreats, I am confident to recommend Nadine’s work. I recommend her not only to people looking to re-connect into themselves and their life-purpose, but also to retreat leaders, yoga teacher trainers and anyone else interested in having an “activator” in their lineup ;). She’ll now always be chosen as an integral part of my All Star team.”
-Dr. Andréa Paige
Director of the Detox Department
The Yoga Barn
Ubud – Bali – Indonesia

“Your class was great. I loved the way you cued it was very precise. The sequence was also great, required strength and flexibility, as well as balance and the repetitions are great to refine the postures. I love it Nadine, Your energy is just fantastic. Thank you really, I wish I had more time to attend your class. I also wish I met you before. Anyway now that i know you i will see you again and follow your adventures.

Fatoo Diawara
Information Analyst

“My daughter Sarah visited Bali in February 2017 and went to see her godmother Nadine at the yoga barn. Nadine is my friend from childhood and though Sarah saw her a lot as child, she is now an adult and has not experienced Nadine in her proven capacity as a yogini and human mobilizer. When Sarah got back she said: ‘Aunty Nadine is a very special person’ and I replied ‘Yes, she is – what made you say that?’ She said: ‘She changes people’s lives – I saw it.’

“Tina Hentley
“Senior Digital professional
“Maersk – Copenhagen