Wisdom MentorinG

What is Wisdom Mentoring?

‘Everything we need to know already lives within us.’ 

As a wisdom mentor, Nadine’s role is to support you to [re]member who you already are. Being diverted from our Divine path is a natural and inevitable part in the cycle of life. In fact, it is only through this deviation that many of us are returned to our true sense of purpose breaking free from societal and self-imposed limiting beliefs.  

Unlike traditional coaching which tends to be goal-oriented, wisdom mentoring focuses attention on the process.  The journey begins with completing the intake questionnaire that invites you to make a self-assessment of your life in four primary areas: physical health, family and personal relationships, financial health and life purpose.  


Is Wisdom Mentoring right for ME?

Be honest and ask yourself these questions:

Are you feeling stuck in any areas of your life?

Are you starting to notice patterns in your relationship choices?

Are you feeling called to do something different but aren’t quite sure what that would look like?

Do you feel that you could use some support to propel you along your destined path? 

What can I expect during a session of Wisdom Mentoring?

In each session you can expect to feel heard, nurtured, supported and loved. You will get as much out of your sessions as you put in, so your commitment to yourself is to show up fully, on time and with assignments complete.

Nadine’s intention is to expand her reach by offering this work to small groups who are open to the possibility of strength through vulnerability and are willing, ready and able to enjoy transformation in all areas of their lives; mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Based on her wealth of knowledge and global experience, Nadine is very open in sharing personal experiences and lessons learned. While in session, you will be given exercises that will immediately help you to recognize the source of your stumbling blocks and/or blockages. As a result of wisdom mentoring with Nadine, men and women across the world are enjoying the benefits of leading a full life, one that is filled with abundant self-expression, authenticity, integrity, truth and love.  



Nadine McNeil Wisdom Mentoring Coaching Testimonial Carlyle
I was lucky to have met Nadine on my Creative Residency in Bali. From the first time I met her, we clicked and I then knew mentorship from her would be beneficial to my growth. She supported me with life planning, introduced me to the concept of yoga and general wellness advice. She also took time off her very busy schedule, on multiple occasions, to have sit-downs with me, invite me to her home for dinner and speak on the phone with me. I can definitely say that having her as a mentor put me on the right path of transformation.
— Carlyle Grant, Marketing Executive, Jamaica
Nadine is a powerhouse of transformation and truth. She entered into my life at an extremely important and divinely orchestrated time; a time when healing was necessary for any kind of growth, yet the ‘what to heal’ was still foggy. If you allow Nadine in, your life will never be the same. This woman became far more than a friend and coach; she was one of the biggest catalysts for my growth and ultimate alignment of my soul’s truest callings. She is the woman you want to work with if you are serious about stepping into the whole, unique and aware person you are meant to be.
— Lyndsey Lee, USA

1:1 Wisdom Mentoring

In the process, Nadine works in modules. Each Wisdom Mentoring module includes: 

  • 4x 50 minute 1:1 calls

  • 1x e-mail re-cap and assignment 

  • 1x weekly check-in via e-mail or WA, not exceeding 10 minutes


Next module and intake begins on 1st September 2019.

Limited to 8 people only, this unique offering will focus on a particular topic, with the following format:

  • 4x 60 minute calls via Zoom [calls will be recorded]. Call will be interactive allowing each participant to share.

  • 1x weekly assignment to be completed and submitted within 72 hours of Zoom call.

  • 1x weekly feedback e-mail.

  • Provision of recommended reading.


Wisdom Mentoring Intake ForM

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