About Women’s Circle

Steeped in meaning and ritual, a women’s circle is an invitation for us to gather as women, seated in a circle, sharing and witnessing the stories of others from a place of deep compassion, humility, divine grace and reverent love.

Community stands at the heart of who we are as women, and especially in today’s world, we thrive in solidarity, seated shoulder to shoulder.  When one of us heals, we all heal.


what is a women’s circle?

In many cultures and traditions women have gathered to birth the young and to bathe the deceased.  We have also gathered to share recipes and stories – we are the thread that binds – from one generation to the next.

Some examples of women’s circle gatherings can be around the new or full moons – a very potent time for setting intentions, celebrating a milestone in our lives such as a marriage, pregnancy or any other reason that one feels called to gather.

The intention and purpose behind coming together in circle is to garner our collective wisdom – no matter what age – and offer it to the theme of the circle.


By virtue of being in circle, there is no hierarchy. The Circle is all encompassing, with no beginning or end. One person is ‘designated’ to hold the space for the circle and there are some guidelines that allow for the facilitation of a meaningful circle.

Nadine’s Principles

to hold a sacred Women’s Circle:

  • A strict yet loving and safe ‘confidentiality’ policy. What is shared in the circle remains in the circle.

  • Cleansing the space with incense or sage prior to opening the circle.

  • Only one person speaks at a time.

  • Offer a meditation and/or visualization that sets the stage for the circle.

  • The use of crystals, heirlooms, Goddess, Angel, Animal or any other card decks that speak to you.

  • Creating a centerpiece that includes candles, flowers.



Nadine McNeil Universal Empress Bali Womens Circle testimonials
Nadine has been an influence along my path since I first encountered her in Bali 6 years ago. The initial workshop I attended impacting my journey of self-acknowledgement within the feminine. She has a beautiful ability to draw people together and to cultivate a sense of togetherness with all who show up. Each powerful Women’s Circle I attend offers a different theme and poignant messages and tasks to act upon. I always feel a deeper connection back to ‘me’ and an acknowledgement of my feminine lineage.
— Nicola Jean Smith, Marketing Manager, Australia
I have been lucky to attend several Women’s Circles facilitated by Nadine. Each one had a different theme and intention, so I personally experienced different outcomes, that I am thoroughly grateful for. Nadine has an amazing way of making participants feel comfortable and welcome, she is able to bring out each person’s softer more honest and vulnerable self.
— Ang Keates, Yoga Teacher & Aromatherapist, Australia
Womens Circle Bali Yoga Barn Testimonial Nadine McNeil
Nadine McNeil Universal Empress Bali Womens Circle testimonial
What makes Nadine unique is her pure intention to serve, which is so evident by the way she holds space. She makes you feel safe, special and that you matter in this world. She has the ability to observe and absorb all the subtle details of what is shared during circle, and then take the biggest gems to validate, normalize, educate and instil hope and love into the collective heart of the circle. If you ever get the chance to experience Nadine’s work, I would highly recommend it.
— Beatrice Alexander, Authenticity Coach and Connector
Nadine has an uncanny ability to marry holding space for a room of 40 plus sacred souls and invite everyone into their deepest truth. Every week I was truly looking forward to an evening of honesty, sisterhood and true transformation. Nadine accomplishes all of that every single week with a new theme that is deeper than the week before. I love love love her work and presence!
— Anita Boyd, Love and Dating Expert, USA

Learn more and how to host your own women’s circle

If you’re moved to start a circle where you are, there is a wealth of great resources available to guide you. Click below to join my Transformational Women’s Circle Facebook group. I also recommend www.gatherthewomen.org as a start.