My Women’s Work: Women’s Worth

I’ve been a long time coming.  Unconsciously – for the most part – I chose a circuitous path to come back to myself.

So, what or who informs the woman I am?  Descended from slaves, this trauma still courses through my veins.  Allegedly the patriarchy emancipated me – or so I was led to believe – as I read their books, followed their rules and marched to the beat of their drums.

Bless the day I woke up.  For it is in that re-birth that I began to understand my life purpose.

Throughout my life, I have been inspired, supported and uplifted by some incredible female beings.  However it was not until I was in my mid-thirties – after a devastating break-up – that one woman who showed up in my life began to unveil to me the extent to which I had been misled into believing that I was a lesser mortal than my male counterparts.

For a while, I even resisted some of her guidance.  However she shared a mantra that has remained with me. She said, ‘I’m about a feminism that honors the women, remembers the men and protects the children.’  Here, here!

Being amongst gatherings of evolving women is something I have been a part of for over fifteen years.

As a humanitarian, yoga teacher and transformation coach, most of my client base is women.  Daily, I encounter women from all walks of life who are trying to forgive, heal, grow and [re] learn how to love themselves.

My message to them and me is:  NEVER has there been a time on this planet, Mother Earth, where by virtue of being wom[b]en, vessels of creation, has our presence been more crucial.  The fate of this planet rests in our hands, our hearts and our wombs.

The mission ahead of me is clear:  I choose to create a safe environment for women – be it through the hosting of Women’s Conversation Circles, individual coaching sessions or unique tailor-made women’s retreats – that invite women to be undress themselves from a costume that no longer fits.

Let’s show us – and them – who we truly are – in our awakening, bold, creative, collaborating, empowered, fierce, feminine, gentle, nurturing, vulnerable, passionate, powerful, soft, strong, wise, worthy, yoni selves.

And so it is.

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What is a Women’s Circle?

Steeped in meaning and ritual, a women’s circle is an invitation for us to gather as women, seated in a circle, sharing and witnessing the stories of others from a place of deep compassion, humility, divine grace and reverent love.

Community stands at the heart of who we are as women, and especially in today’s world, we thrive in solidarity, seated shoulder to shoulder.  When one of us heals, we all heal.

In many cultures and traditions women have gathered to birth the young and to bathe the deceased.  We have also gathered to share recipes and stories – we are the thread that binds – from one generation to the next.

Some examples of women’s circle gatherings can be around the new or full moons – a very potent time for setting intentions, celebrating a milestone in our lives such as a marriage, pregnancy or any other reason that one feels called to gather.

The intention and purpose behind coming together in circle is to garner our collective wisdom – no matter what age – and offer it to the theme of the circle.

By virtue of being in circle, there is no hierarchy. The Circle is all encompassing, with no beginning or end. One person is ‘designated’ to hold the space for the circle and there are some guidelines that allow for the facilitation of a meaningful circle.

Here are some of the principles that I choose to hold sacred circle space:

  • A strict yet loving and safe ‘confidentiality’ policy. What is shared in the circle remains in the circle.
  • Cleansing the space with incense or sage prior to opening the circle
  • Only one person speaks at a time
  • Offer a meditation and/or visualization that sets the stage for the circle
  • The use of crystals, heirlooms, Goddess, Angel, Animal or any other card decks that speak to you
  • Creating a centerpiece that includes candles, flowers

If you’re moved to start a circle where you are, there is a wealth of great resources available to guide you.  I recommend: as a start.

Rising, one woman at a time

One woman rising

Creates a ripple.

Ten women rising

Creates a rumble.

One hundred women rising

Calls for attention.

One thousand women rising

Commands action.

One hundred thousand women rising

Births a movement

One million women rising

Is transformation

One billion women rising

Is A revolution.

ALL women rising




By:  Nadine McNeil, UniversalEmpress (2014)

Girl, Princess, Queen, Empress, Goddess, Sage, Crone, Wise Woman, Witch, Pussy-Powerhouses,


If the crown fits, wear it.


Arrive how you may—

By train, plane, automobile

Or Broomstick.


Now that we’re here,

It’s time to land,

To ground

To graciously step into the finest expression

Of our Divine Feminine Selves—

That is our Birthright.


Our presence on this planet

Is the most poignant and pivotal it’s ever been—

Certainly in this lifetime. 


Envision yourself as a potion

A healing medicine that

Only You

Can administer.



Drizzle, drench, whet

The world—


With You.


There is no longer reason to fret,



To overshadow yourself

Beneath a dark cloud of illusion.


Lift your veils,

Reveal your essence,

Open your heart,

Shine your light—


You audaciously bright, daringly bold

Courageous being.


The world has waited a long time for your [re] Birth.


Welcome Home,

To your

Sacred self.


By: Nadine McNeil, UniversalEmpress
International Women’s Day, 2016