Public Speaking - Nadine McNeil

As a speaker, Nadine fully commands the attention of her audience through honest, soul baring dialogue that creates immediate connection. Her expertise in the realm of wellness, studies in the areas of international relations and gender, and experience working with the UN in the areas of emergency response, logistics and humanitarianism, qualify her to speak on a range of topics.


Nadine infuses her speaking engagements with massive doses of wisdom around yoga, ethnicity, race, spirituality and culture. Nadine has spoken and presented at international events and institutions including BaliSpirit Festival, Esalen, Kripalu, York University and Algonquin College, Nadine speaks and teaches with her experience and knowledge in the following areas:

Personal Development

& inter-connectedness

‘There’s an inter-connectedness in all things – great and small.’ Nadine speaks eloquently and confidently about who we are as human beings.  The extent to which we are shaped by our environment is one that she challenges her audience to question. Any change that we seek begins with self. By gaining clarity about our histories, this gives on the ability to re-write our life stories. Remember, your story is only a chapter in your life, not the entire book.

intersectionalitY: race meets gender & women’s issues

Increasingly nowadays we are appreciating that humanity does not exist in a vacuum.  This means that complex topics such as race, gender, religion and politics can no longer be discussed in isolation.  Each one has a correlating impact on the other.  To view the world through a single lens incomplete and limiting at best.


Passion, Purpose & Profitability

Whatever propels you out of bed in the morning is your passion.  Each one of us is brought here to play a unique role.  This translates to our purpose.  When we are engaged in our purpose, infused by our passion, abundance and prosperity is our birthright.  Nadine’s life is a living testament to the saying, ‘do what ignites your heart aflame, the money will come!’ [It’s coming!]

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